Misha Kaura is an award-winning designer who creates made-to-measure and ready-to-wear apparel and accessories for the world's most distinguished women.  Honoring her Kaurava family legacy in Indian politics and the Indian cotton industry, she has pursued training programs and further education in Paris, Milan, London, New York, and Atlanta. Her studies span disciplines—law, physics, philosophy, art history, fashion design, gemology, jewelry design, accessories design, culinary arts, and floral design—but are all unified by the common thread of visual exoticism. Raised in the US, she regularly holidayed in Switzerland and India as a girl; her cosmopolitan upbringing has shaped her East-Meets-West design aesthetic.  Her couture work experience in London and Paris helped her learn more about the power of the female form.  Misha strives to make pieces that appreciate in value over time, proving that fashion is more than art: it is also the noblest of all the sciences.


MISHA KAURA is a made-to-measure and ready-to-wear brand for women offering apparel, accessories, fashion jewelry, and fine jewelry.  Founded in 2017 by Misha Kaura, the label plays with American and Indian styles of feminine and romantic dress. Thoroughly grounded in an exotic, elegant, and romantic brand DNA, MISHA KAURA draws inspiration from South Asia’s greatest artists, Mughal architecture, and the world’s greatest floral gardens. Her personal education at the New York Botanical Garden and at top fashion schools has enriched her perspective, as each embroidery design draws on her extensive academic and experiential training. Exquisite floral rendered embroidered motifs accompanied by large bows is a key design element featuring in almost every gown; the ability to adjust the bow throughout the evening enables a fantastic evening experience pre- and post- dinner, particularly helpful when dancing the waltz. The label is committed to helping women look as good as they feel, keeping comfort and beauty in the same sentence.

Beloved by the world’s most stylish women of substance, MISHA KAURA is regularly worn by leaders ranging from political wives to politicians, business wives to businesswomen, and socialites to celebrities. Bebe Buell, American music icon, Yelle, a French pop star, Kajol, a major Bollywood actress, Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, and Jaya Bachchan, a Bollywood actress turned Indian Member of Parliament, are all fans of the label. British and American actresses are also supporters of the label and have worn made to measure dresses at events and on the red carpet. Since 2017, stylists have consistently stated that they love dressing their clients in MISHA KAURA.



The label is proud to announce the upcoming launch of an exclusive line of gold engagement and wedding rings available to the public in limited quantities. Gemstones include diamonds, pearls, emeralds, sapphires, rubies, and more, set in MISHA KAURA patent-pending designs. Though the main online shopping experience will always remain limited to members of the MISHA KAURA CLUB, members of the public making jewelry purchases will be granted limited shopping access.