Misha Kaura believes strongly that colour is the distinguishing feature of beautiful design and uses her design school colour theory training extensively. She designs collections thematically, sorting each dress according to what suits each client complexion. Misha utilises a detailed 18 colour complexion chart and assigns labels on each and every design, so clients will know if the style will suit them even when shopping online.


Misha Kaura designs according to body shape, sorting women and girls into clear cut categories that enable for advanced data science applications. Her primary mission is helping women and girls look fantastic with minimal effort, with classic silhouettes that are organised and clearly labeled according to what will best suit each specific body shape. A dress that suits someone with an hourglass figure is not going to suit someone with an apple figure.


Misha Kaura utilises the finest embroideries that are placed strategically and positioned on dresses to hide any problem spot areas. The stunning embroideries, all done by hand on the tambour, are the outer artistic shell covering the advanced scientific structures in each dress. Though couture is shown seasonally, each Misha Kaura prêt-à-porter collection is arranged thematically and released on a permanent basis, appreciating in value over time.