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Misha Kaura's PhD Dissertation Available Online

Misha Kaura has completed her PhD in Fashion at one of the world’s top universities and her thesis-by-publication approach features accepted papers in top academic fashion and medical journals. As well, Misha is completing her legal qualifications from an Ivy League law school and the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn. In 2020, she qualifies as a solicitor and barrister of England and Wales and as an attorney in California, Massachusetts, and DC. Misha’s intention is to use her maths-heavy supply chain PhD training and her subject matter expertise in fashion patent law to advance her fashion design career. She has turned down a summer associate offer in design intellectual property law at a prominent Magic Circle big law firm in order to focus on her fashion business. Misha is fully committed to business as her career path.

Her work will be available in a cased, bound, printed textbook format for $157.00 USD via top retailers.