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Misha Kaura "The Science of Colour Styling" EBook

Misha Kaura’s ebook, “The Science of Colour Styling” will be released on 27 May 2019 and available from 28 May 2019. The 50-page, fully illustrated e-book is an accessible teaser for her forthcoming treatise “The Science of Style” with a major publisher. Focused on giving an overview of colour theory and applying it in terms of helping women with practical colour styling advice, it expands on the work of “Color Me Beautiful” by bringing in the latest behavioural economics and academic fashion research. Priced at $12.97 USD and available in e-book format from 27 May 2019 via Amazon, Apple, Barnes&Noble, eSentral, Google Play, Kobo, and OverDrive, the ebook is designed to be a supplement to the smart and stylish woman’s lifestyle.

Press announcements are confirmed with Fashion Week Online, British Vogue, Vogue Italia, Vogue Arabia, Richard Magazine, and WWD. For more information, please contact Sasha, manager, at